The AfCFTA e-Tariff Book is part of the Digitalisation and Trade Facilitation journey of the AfCFTA Secretariat. To ensure that tariff concession schedules are easily accessible to Trade and Customs Authorities, to allow them to make use of the benefits under the AfCFTA agreement, and to enhance knowledge and capacities in the use of tariffs, the HS, commodity classification, and organisation of tariff-related work within Customs administrations and other relevant stakeholders.

These tariff concessions have been offered by the customs unions and once agreed they will then be nationalized and traders will be able to trade under these. A customs union is a trade bloc that is composed of a free trade area with a common external tariff.

 Member countries set up a common external trade policy, which increases economic efficiency and establishes closer political and cultural ties between the member countries. State Parties are the AU Member States that have ratified the AfCFTA Agreement or acceded to it, and for which the AfCFTA Agreement is in force. Only the State Parties will have rights and obligations under the AfCFTA Agreement.

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